Nat Stiles has lifted my strength, fitness, speed to the next level. She has put so much her knowledge and creativity into my sessions, always challenging me in new ways. Also being there as a friend and accountant and most importantly doughnut provider.
— Claire "Fury" Foreman
Nat’s training took me from struggling through 5km runs to becoming a confident runner, and completing a half-marathon with energy in the tank. Nat created a program of strength training, cardio workouts and a lot of mobility work, all focussed on improving my pace and endurance, and with her help I was able to finish 21.1km at the Melbourne Marathon in 1:52:00! More importantly, I gained valuable knowledge in managing my nutrition, creating home workouts, and taking care of my body. I’ve never felt healthier or more confident.
— Juan O
I’ve always struggled with maintaining a fitness regime as I get bored very easily. After two years of training with Nat, I have NEVER had two workouts the same. I don’t know how she does it. The workouts are fun, and she makes sure you are moving correctly. She maintains a personal approach by remembering the goals you want to focus, and ensuring you reach them. She cares about those she trains, and you get that feeling every time you’re with her. I couldn’t recommend her enough.
— Ella. S
I was overweight, unfit and unhappy and had a bad track record of sticking to an exercise regime. Nat was exactly what I needed – a truly professional approach to training! No two sessions have ever been the same, and the programs are underpinned by amazing in-depth knowledge of the body, health, fitness and nutrition. In just a few weeks, my motivation improved, my fitness improved and the weight started falling off. Now I’m a regular! Thanks Nat.
— Anthony.S
After having my second child via a c section I was keen to get my body back to feeling strong again. Since working with Natalie my fitness and strength has improved heaps. I feel better and people comment that I look really healthy. Working with Natalie is fun as she varies the workouts so it keeps me interested and challenged. She is also really great at entertaining my 8 month old son!
— Natalie S.

After the first few months with Nat my mother was convinced I had grown taller just from the improvement in posture. Two years down the track has seen a steady improvement in fitness and posture, as well as a much lessened occurrence of hip and back pain. She tailors the lessons so that you are never bored, and keeps enough of a tab on you that only a very good excuse will let you off the routine! As a nerdy girl who has always preferred to be behind a computer I was never athletic but lately I am finding myself trying out new sports and enjoying them, all thanks to the wonderful Nat.
— Anette B.

Natalie is an extremely talented personal trainer who I have had the pleasure of training with for the past three years. Whether in a group session or one-to-one format she delivers a fun, well-balanced training program that fits around my lifestyle. Natalie is always focused on the big picture and has been a great asset in setting fitness goals, diet and general wellbeing. If I had to say what I liked the best about Natalie’s approach it would be that I all I have to think about is turning up, she does the rest. Each session seems to concentrate on a different area, skill and muscle group – all I know is I feel fit, healthy, happy and alive!”
— Simon R.

Natalie is an exceptional personal trainer. Instantly she made me feel comfortable and motivated to achieve the goals we set out together; to be healthier, fitter and leaner, and not just for the summer, but for the long haul. She is incredibly flexible and able to work in with my busy schedule, which is really important to me if I’m going to stick to this regime. Thanks Nat, you’re a superstar!
— Sandra C.
After countless failed attempts to make a permanent healthy life change I finally was lucky enough to come across Nat! Each session is fun and different, and that, combined with meeting great new people, I am hooked. I even recruited some friends to join who are still training with Nat today! Nearly two years on, 13 kilos lighter and so much healthier I am still loving training with her. Her extensive knowledge and ability to motivate is what keeps me on track and leaves a big grin on my face every time I leave! Nat is always thinking of ways to spice things up, my favourites being beach bootcamp and rock climbing. I’m so excited of how far I have come since meeting Nat and can’t wait for that progress we are going to make together in the future.
— Kate McM