All women should lift weights, doing so in a community of like minded ladies is even better.  

6 week strength cycles with the aim to build you the foundations and new PB'S for 3 main lifts. These are selected from Dead Lifts,  Back Squats, Over Head Press, Cleans, Snatch and Front Squats based on your skill and experience level. 

Dietician suppled eating plans and online community support are part of the programs. 

Don't want to do an 6 week formal program but still want to lift? Thats ok, you can still join for casual or weekly with no commitments and still get a great workout and have fun.


All women should lift weights, but why?  

Feel Good
Injury prevention
Look Better
Bragging about PR's
Mental Health, lifting helps production of happy hormones
Metabolisim an Weight Managment
 ( EAT MORE ) 
You get to swear openly, Swearing helps its scientifically proven