Pantry Must Haves ...

In an ever confusing world of nutrition "facts" thanks internet, I think its good to take it back to basics with a pantry overhaul. 


Look since we are here, lets do it right. Get a big old bin bag and anything out of date, stale or full of ingredients you cant pronounce, BIN IT! 

If you cant read is, don't eat it. 

Dry goods, Canned lentils , tomatoes etc,  Spices, Herbs, are where the money is at for healthy meals.

Now clean that cupboard out! You l know you are more likely to want to stick your head in there at the end of a long ass day to make something healthy if its pretty. Its like making the bed in the morning, Just makes everything feel all grown up like you have you life together for a moment. 

Step 2. In with the new

Ok so now the fix... I asked our resident chef TASH her top tips. 

For sure, whole grain breadcrumbs, because you can make anything crunchy like sweet potato chips and you’re about 60% more likely to be satisfied because of the cheeky, whole grain crunch. Quinoa flakes can replace for gluten free option and good too.

Jelly for a cheep naughty treat for sure, people don’t eat jelly (vegan or gelatine) as much now which is weird because it’s good and easily naturally flavoured and you can hide fruit and multivitamin gummies in it. Why the hell not.

Broth. I make broth most sundays and it forces you to cook because you went to all that effort making it on your day off - you may as well make a soup or slow cook some shit otherwise you’ll have wasted it and then spent more money on takeaway. So you’ll double hate yourself, but you’ll realise that and just make something with it. Healthy, and good. Make any flavour, just make it.

Edamame beans in the freezer, all the damn time in my house. Bit of sweet soy, sesame oil and chilli powder and you are satisfied in a way only a uni student living on instant mi goreng would know.

Either onion powder, soy sauce, tomato paste too - they’ve got a funky salty vibe that’ll help make you feel like you’re eating something that’s actually seasoned. All the gosh darn time, weight loss recipes taste bland. There’s no real underlining savoury kick, It’s like just eating a top layer of flavour that dissipates into a feeling of un-savoury disappointment.

A good non stick pan and a knife. I realise it’s not an edible but I genuinely believe people can fail because it’s just too hard - and when You look at their utensils they’re totally right, and it is too hard. If you have just one, good stoneware pan that you could melt cheese on and then tip out effortlessly and one really good, sharp knife you’ll not only enjoy cooking more but the prep and cleanup will halve.

Here are my top picks
Spices, Herbs, what ever you love, seriously don't waste money on flavours you don't love 'cause you wont bloody use it.
Canned things, tomatoes, Lentils, Asian mix-bean shoots ect to jazz up a stir fry, coconut cream. Beetroot- bloody love them.
Pickle things. 
Nuts and seeds. Variety is king with these. Add crunch and good fats to any meal. Protein powder.
Dry goods, flour, rice, salt etc head to a store like the source to get these in bulk without all the packaging. 
Olive oil and good salt, celtic sea salt is pretty ace


Our resident nutrition Guru Jacinta talks magnesium 

Magnesium is a mineral required by the body for many roles including maintaining healthy muscles, nerves and bones. It assists in regulating blood sugar, promoting normal blood pressure, supporting the immune system, maintaining energy production, sleep and relaxing muscles. 

The optimal dosages of Magnesium is determined according to your current health status through professional advise. 

Magnesium deficiency due to low dietary intake is not that common, however many individuals are at risk due to typically consuming insuffient amounts or having medical conditions/taking medication that reduce absorption of magnesium from the gut or increase losses from the body. These individuals include people with gastrointestinal disorders, type 2 diabetics, older adults and people with alcohol dependency. 


Early signs of magnesium deficiency include loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and weakness. As magnesium deficiency worsens, numbness, tingling, muscle contractions and cramps, seizures, personality changes, abnormal heart rhythms, and coronary spasms can occur. Severe magnesium deficiency can result in low serum calcium or potassium levels because mineral homeostasis is disrupted.


· dates (77.00mg/cup)

· banana, medium size (32.00mg/each)

 · blackberries (29.00mg/cup)

 · raspberries (22.14mg/cup) 

· watermelon (16.72mg/cup)

 · strawberries (14.40mg/cup) 

Beans & Legumes (cooked unless otherwise stated) 

· soybeans (147.92mg/cup)

· black beans (120.40mg/cup) 

· navy beans (107.38mg/cup)

· pinto beans (94.05mg/cup)

· lima beans (80.84mg/cup)

· kidney beans (79.65mg/cup)

· chickpeas (79.00mg/cup)

Grains (cooked unless otherwise stated) 

· quinoa, uncooked (357.00mg/cup)

· millet (105.60mg/cup)

· oat bran (88.00mg/cup) 

· buckwheat (85.68mg/cup) 

· rice, brown (83.85mg/cup) 

· oats, whole grain (56.16mg/cup) 

· barley, pearled (35.00mg/cup)

· rice, white (19.00mg/cup)

· couscous (13.00mg/cup) 


· tempeh, cooked (87.55mg/0.5 cup) 

· tofu, raw (34.02mg/0.5 cup 

Vegetables (raw unless otherwise stated) 

· spinach, boiled (156.60mg/cup)

· swiss chard, boiled (150.50mg/cup)

· kelp (sea vegetable) (96.80mg/cup)

· green peas, boiled (62.40mg/cup)

· beets, boiled (39.10mg/cup)

· broccoli, steamed (39.00mg/cup)

· kale, boiled (23.40mg/cup)

· tomato (19.80mg/cup)

· carrots (18.30mg/cup)

· asparagus, boiled (18.00mg/cup)

· cabbage, boiled (12.00mg/cup)

· cucumbers, with peel (11.44mg/cup) 

· cauliflower, boiled (11.16mg/cup) 

Nuts & Seeds (raw unless otherwise stated) 

· brazil nuts (107.00mg/8 nuts)

· almonds, dry roasted (98.67mg/24 nuts) 

· pumpkin seeds (92.29mg/2 tbsp)

· pine nuts (71.00mg/2 tbsp)

· flaxseeds (70.14mg/2 tbsp) 

· sesame seeds (63.18mg/2 tbsp)

· chestnuts, dry roasted (47.00mg/cup)

· walnuts (45.00mg/14 halves)

· cashews (44.53mg/18 nuts) 

· sunflower seeds (63.72mg/2 tbsp)

Meats, Poultry & Fish (roasted, baked or broiled) 

· salmon, chinook (162.67mg/100 g) 

· halibut (142.67mg/100 g)

· scallops (90.67/100 g) 

· tuna, yellowfin (85.3mg/100 g

Tash's Vegan Banana Pancakes

After much persuading, Stiles Trainings in house chef extraordinaire Tash has agreed to share her Famous Egg Free, Sugar Free, Dairy Free Pancake recipe with us.

Although mine never look as pretty as hers they always taste so damn good.


Pancake Mix:
1 x Ripe banana (Ripeness is the key here) 
1 cup of Unbleached Flour (Wholemeal works well!)
1 tsp Baking Powder
1 1/4 cup Non-Dairy Milk

Mash the Banana well and mix in milk.
Sift over Flour and Baking Powder and combine (your mix will be like a good thick muffin mixture).
Heat a little Oil (Coconut or spray works well) or Nutelex in a pan over medium and spoon in batter in and spread slightly to make a round shape.
Let it cook for about 1-2 minutes, you can lift the edge slightly to check if it's golden brown, and when it is - flip.
Cook for another minute on the other side.

Remember! Because it's made with super ripe mashed banana it will be more fudgy when pressed with your finger, but should still be light and fluffy to eat.

In terms of Jazzing them up?

Home made (sugar free) Berry coulis and crush nuts go a treat...
Fresh Fruit and shredded coconut..

What ever is fresh in season and totally awesome.

Just remember to keep it nearly healthy!