Just keep on swimming

Some times progress can be so damn slow and potentially hard to notice. 

Periods of high stress, over worked and burnt out, hormone fluctuations and yeah you guessed it, extreme weather conditions ( its 3 degrees as i type this)  can have a dramatic negative affect on gains in strength, weight loss, perceived fitness and motivation.

This can make it really hard to keep showing up and putting out, ‘cause whats the point? right?

Recognising there are different seasons to training and responding to them is so valuable. We all want to be lean mean beasts in life and the gym but sometimes its ok to mix it up, take pressure of yourself from cardio and just move some weight around, or vice versa.

Progress is progress and when things are tough, maintaining where you are at is enough. Imagine if you stop all together, you will go backwards, thats a fact.

So just keep swimming, things will get warmer and easier and your efforts will be worth it.

So be like Dory, just keep swimming