Why the warm up..

“Warming up” Is a dirty word. Back in my day, When I started in the fitness industry things were different…yeah I went there. Ok things had started to shift but I can remember watching PT’s standing next to a treadmill and watching their clients run as a “warm up” .

As we have learnt more about the value of lifting heavy we have also learnt the value of spending time getting the body and mind ready. If you think about it it like this, If you are going to put your body weight, 1.5 x BW and even 2x BW on a barbell then lift it up a bunch of times, jogging really isn’t a good warm up.

So let’s rephrase “warm up” a little… “Movement preparation” is more appropriate for how we get down.

So what do you do?

OK here it is, My super awesome basic template for all humans to get warm!

Step 1 Mobilise

What you need- Foam Roll, lacrosse ball, resistance bands, plyo box…

How long- 2-5 mins You will learn, based on what training you have to do and what you feel. Whats your body telling you about yesterdays activities.

When we… well life. When we train, drive, sit, work, what ever we create imbalance, tightness and restriction in body. Tight muscles are different to short muscles but thats a bit rant ill save for another post.

Spend time rolling and hunting for bits that are tender unfortunately the bits that feel gross are generally the bits that need to be rolled out. Stay tuned to instagram for some how to videos.

Step 2 Activate

What you need- bands, kettle bell, empty bar, lights weights your good self

How long- 5-15 mins

Warm muscles, move body fluids and blood around the body helping make joints and ligaments loosey goosey. This provides a better rang of motion, better range means better lifts, movement for what ever sport you play.

Think of is like this, we roll the body to get rid of adhesions and make the body sit how its supposed to, then we activate the right muscles so it stays that way during the session. Bad movement patters and posture can take ages to fix and become better, so keep at it.

Step 3 Practice - the movement you are training in slower focused way. ie. empty bar.

Increased heart rate gets oxygen rich blood cranking. This is is literally both the fire starter for your workout as well as for your recovery. Try read that without prodigy in your head... you cant.

Step 4 Train - like you mean it, of course