"Sleep is for the weak"

"Sleep is for the weak" Actually no, SLEEP IS FOR THE STRONG! 

I get so many questions about recovery, weight loss, building muscles, supplements, vitamins, voodoo, training load, nutrition the list goes on but I promise you 1 thing.

Non of it works if you aren't sleeping at night!  Your body needs time to repair not only muscles them selves but hormone levels.  So much of what we do in the gym from building strength, Trimming down, learning new skills doesnt actually happen until we have slept on it. Literally.

So if you are someone who is just in bad habbits, start making the most of your training by aiming for 8 hours. You will notice a big change. 

For some its not a matter of not trying to sleep its just a struggle. Our brains get in out own way. I had about a 3 year stint of suffering awful insomnia and the physical, mental emotional and relationship strain that creates is huge. I have learnt so much on the topic from both medical staff, nutritionists and my meditation teacher.  

So here i have worked with our Girl, Eliza the millennial nutritionists to come up with a killer list of tips to help you catch more zzzzzz's  


Routine! Read about pavlovs dog if you want to understand this better but do everything the same each night so your brain learns the next step is sleep.  I mean super dooper stick, cup of tea, brush teeth, Pj's on, lft leg first... like what ever you thing is, always do it the same.

If you dont fall asleep in 15 mins, get up an go mediate or read by low light, If you missed the wave of tired wait for the next one, its may be 45-90 mins away thats ok.

On the same note, Bed is for 2 things only Sleep and Sex. if you make it a place to hang out, your brain gets used to idea its ok to be awake there
No phones at least 30min. before bed
Dark environment, or get a sleep mask
Difficulty getting to and falling asleep: 
Drink tea before bed that have these herbs, Sleep promoting herbs: Passionflower, Zizyphus, Lavender, Rhodiola, Withania, Kava – Fusions Sleep or Herbs of Gold’s Sleep complex.
Download f.lux app for removing some of the blue light spectrum (or go into settings on your iphone/android)
Sleep Cycle app – to track your sleep and cycles of REM and deep sleep
Magnesium oil to spray on your body and sore muscles
Baths with magnesium salt flakes
Having carbs with dinner, get that carb coma feel
Not eating 2-3 hours before going to bed ( works for some others feel better with a full tum)Getting into a consistent sleep pattern of time you hit the pillow to when you wake up 

The best advice i can give is when you cant sleep or you start to panic, Stop adding up hours of how long you have left in bed and just know you will be ok. You will be!