The Importance of the Peach

If you have sporting, weight loss, mental health and fitness goals the worst thing that could happen to you is getting injured.
If you have never had back pain, hip pain,  knee pain or random stupid stress fractures because you move poorly but have always done so so you have no idea…(ME)  its going to be hard for you to understand the importance of the glutes .  Your Bum, Booty, Peach, Rump.

Our Glutes are like the MPV of getting shit done, when they are on baby…. but honestly they can be a bit slack.. They really just don’t like being sat on for extended periods. I mean would you ? 

So the longer you sit down they go to sleep and other bits and bobs have to do more work. The first victims are normally your lower back and knees. Followed by neck and shoulders and don’t get me started about your big toes! 

The good news is, its really easy to fix. Adding some “activations”  to your movement preparation ( warm ups ) does so much for preventing any of this woes. 

Good activation protocols  ( will rant on full movement prep soon ) 

  1. Get mentally in workout mode, be it if you have just got up or just finished work, a few minutes helps the mind and body get ready to lift.

       2.  Activates all the good bits so the are awake and on point for lift. 

So over the nest few weeks I’m going to try bring you a collection of glute warm ups get you going and who doesn’t love getting a bit of shape in there. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 5.13.29 pm.png