Temptations all around you 

Week 1 “I’m going on a health kick” 

Week 2 “f** I’m awesome look at me go”

Week 3 “I have been so good, just 1 won’t hurt”

Week 4 you find yourself face first in a packet of mint slice biscuits with an empty  kebab wrapper and where did that empty bottle of vodka come from? 

So as much as I’d love to be all wanky PT and say well you just have to focus on your goals and bla bla bla sometimes all the focusing in the world won’t bring you back to earth.

So what do you do? It’s hard to control your feeling and urges, particularly if you have and gut bacteria or parasite issues, as those little fuckers love carbs and sugar and send chemicals signals to our brain saying more more more feed me. 

Control the controllable

  1. Environment- Clear the house out! Don't keep things at home that are going to test your resolve, it wont work, it never does 
  2. Get workmate on side! We have all worked in an office where it endless birthdays and subsequent cakes. I even once worked in a dental company that had “tooth decay Tuesday’s” where a Lolly jar would appear every thesday. In damn dental company, Dental. If the health care specialist can’t even be healthy what chance do you have? So tell someone what you are doing and why you are doing it. Encourage them to join you. They have probably been wanting to make a change anyway. When sugar comes out, you can support each other and you will be amazed what a bit of accountability can do. 
  3. Don’t deprive yourself. Once a week have something you have missed, wine, chips, cake what ever your vice is. It’s a valuable part of a balance life. 
  4. Remember your why, not your “I want to lose 5 kg” but the real why ... That reaches right back to your core values. If family, career, saving the planet are you core values then whats your "why" for health?  To be lean, fit, healthy and free of disease,  a good example for your kids, more energy, better sex...  what ever it all leads back to eating well, walking more, driving less etc etc.... lets think the processed food is just as bad for the planet as it is for us!