Active Recovery

What is it ? Do I need it? 

Different to a complete rest day, an active recovery day is a gentle session of around 30-40 mins of movement. Done at a low intensity so avoid any further muscle cell damage and there for not inhibiting the ability of the body to repair and make gains in strength, speed and endurance.

Heart rate should be kept at a low rate where you can hold a conversation.

This does a few things the most noteworthy 

  • Increase blood flow; this will help to flush metabolic waste and promote healing reduce the associated muscle soreness.
  • Challenges your body in a different way from HIIT and Lifting style sessions. This will help to build your aerobic base for other training, I know it doesn't feel like you are doing much but over time you will be able to do more work at the same HR and hazzzah fitter, faster stronger!  
  • Burn more calories in your day/week also aerobic work needs fat for fuel, double hazzzzah
  • Free up all your tight bits
  • Mental health! Sometimes if you have been training at a high intensity, having an entire day off can be harder than actually training. Gentle movement can boots energy,  clarity and mood.
  • Reduce risks associated with over training that can lead to injuries and ACTUAL time off 


Examples might be a gentle cycle, run or swim. 

Run/Row 5 mins
5 Sit ups
10 mt Climberes
10 Hip extensions
4 rounds