Glute Strength for all athletes

Want to move faster, be lighter on your feet, Kick higher, Push into your punches more?  Or even just prevent back pain ? Well then work that the junk in your trunk. No really.  Our posterior chain ( glutes, hamstrings, calf and back muscles) is our power house providing us with so much potential power out put. However as most of us sit on our butts for more and more hours in modern life, out butts have got lazy, literally and figerativly . 

As with any body part, if you want to get power and speed, first you need to develop strength and stability in that area. 

My favourite 2 exercise for developing the posterior chain can be used as a warm up or exercises in their own right, these are Banded X-walks and Hip Extensions.

Banded X walks can be done with different thicknesses of resistance band depending on strength. Aim for at least 10 steps  in each direction for 3-4 sets.

Hip extensions can start with no weight for absolute beginners and over time increase in weight with strength. Control on the eccentric or lowering phase is key and power on the way up. Aim for 10-20 reps over 3-4 sets. I love these as a warm up for legs or conditioning sessions.