What is the YOU Revolution?

Today we speak with Steph who completed the YouRevolution program earlier this year. Follow the #YouRevolution hashtag on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to see some of the fantastic results we’re achieving with our participants!

It was December 2014 and I was at the end of my rope… I was stressed, tired, overweight, had just been diagnosed with coeliac disease and was sick of my own excuses. I had exactly one year until my wedding and I needed someone to push me, as I certainly wasn’t going to make the jump myself. I’d heard about the YouRevolution program, so I picked up the phone and called Nat.

Nat sat down with me for an initial consultation and asked what I’d like to achieve out of the program. At that point my main goal was simply weight loss – little did I know I would experience so many more benefits by the end! Nat also asked me what types of injuries I had (I’ve had back and shoulder problems for a long time), and what I thought I would find most difficult in the program. As a newly-diagnosed coeliac and someone who is highly allergic to cooking (read: I don’t know how!), I thought the nutritional aspect of the program would be the hardest.

My program consisted of exercise six times per week, and an eating plan that was tailored specifically by Nat for my dietary requirements. This was a big change for me. But I was so keen to improve my life that I made sure my housemate and my fiancé were both on board to support me – they knew how important this was. I had personal training sessions twice per week, and went to group classes with Stiles Training for the rest.

The first two weeks seemed like the hardest weeks of my life. There’s no point in sugar coating it (because we’re cutting sugar out, remember!). I felt like crap. I thought I was dying (slightly dramatic) – it felt like I had a terrible flu and my body was fighting my new healthy lifestyle every step of the way.

But that feeling passed – the aches and headaches associated with my body expelling toxins slowly faded, and by the third week I was feeling on top of the world! Where had all this energy come from? All of a sudden I was looking forward to exercising. I wasn’t craving those sweets and carbs, and was reaching for healthy alternatives.

… and the best part? I started seeing results on the scales and in my measurements.

Fast forward to today – it’s July, and I finished YouRevolution at the end of March. Let’s dive in to the nitty gritty, the realities of the program:

The challenging parts:

The initial shock to the body. If you are like me and led an unhealthy lifestyle prior to signing up, this will happen. But the thing is to remember that it passes. And you will feel AMAZING once it does. Just keep pushing through!

Breaking the bad habits. It’s 3pm, it’s usually chocolate time, but you can’t have any! I found the best way around this was to make sure I had healthy snacks available at all times. Even chewing gum can help you curb those cravings!

Ensuring you have the right support. Make sure you tell your friends, family, and colleagues that you are doing this program. They need to support you through this and not tempt you with old habits.

The best parts!

The weight loss! By the end of the program I had lost 7kg and 8 cm and by maintaining my YouRevolution lifestyle I lost another 3kg after the program had ended!

The lifestyle change. I know it sounds cliché, but YouRevolution really helped me turn my life around. Exercise and healthy eating is a part of my life now; I don’t even think about it, it’s part of my daily routine. But if I hadn’t had that support for those 10 weeks, I would never be able to continue this now.

The support. Nat was there for me, day and night. I would be walking down the isle of the supermarket, bewildered and confused, and she was just a short text message away to lead me in the right direction. Thinking of having an unhealthy treat? A quick text to Nat will stop those thoughts in their tracks!

Improvements to my mental health. This was an unexpected but very welcome benefit. I’ve suffered from an anxiety disorder for most of my adult life. While doing the YouRevolution program I didn’t have one panic attack, and my anxiety dramatically improved.

The increase in energy. It’s actually astounding – my alarm goes off in the morning, and I get out of bed. What’s that about?? No longer do I wake up in the morning and feel that horrible sleep hangover. And my concentration is so much better – I’m even more productive at work!

Inspiring my friends. I have documented my weight loss and training on social media pretty much from the start – and although this was just an added benefit, I’ve had so many friends and family members start up their health and wellbeing journey because they’ve been inspired by mine! My fiancé lost 10kg while I was on the program! I even participated in several 5km fun runs, and I would definitely not call myself a runner.

This program truly worked for me – and it can work for you, too. Just don’t give up, be your own cheer squad, and push yourself even when you think you can’t. The results won’t lie, and you’ll love the new you!