Believe in Yourself!

If you are struggling to lose weight, it could be to do with the way you are talking to yourself.  Most people wouldn’t dream of speaking to another person that way they speak to them selves in the mirror. The conversations you have with yourselfcan dramatically affect your ability to reach your fitness and weight loss goals both emotionally and physiologically.

Emotionally, negative self-talk can obliterate your motivation to stay on your eating and exercise plan. You can end up feeling like its hopeless, too hard and perhaps you aren’t worth it or able to.  No one wants to eat a salad if its pointless. If you focus on that fact you failed before, you will fail again.  Focus on why you are doing what your doing? Then tell yourself you can do and will do it! 

Physiologically, negative self talk can affect the stress hormones in your body. These stress hormones are from back when we were cavemen. Cavemen didn’t have too much to worry about except finding food (and getting smooshed by a dinosaur). So when a caveman got stressed, his brain sent a message to the body to store a bit of energy (fat) in case its a looooonng time before there is more food. So for all the wonderfully amazing things our bodies can do, they still interpret stress as a signal to store fat. So if you are being negative to yourself, you are sabotaging your own weight loss.

Choose to hold onto how you feel right after a workout. Carry that feeling with you till the next work out.

So be careful how you care for yourself.

You spunky thing you!  

You’re worth it!